The terroir

Our estate is made of numerous small parcels with very different soils.

Red wines

-5 hectares of chalky-clay soil and rounded pebbles (galets) : Coteau de l'Ange, l'Arnesque, les Terres Blanches

-3 hectares of hard limestone : le Bois de la ville

-5,5 hectares of red soil: les Serres, les Gallimardes, le grand chemin de Sorgues

-7 hectares of calcareous soil layer and sandy subsoil: Cabrières, Palestor, Bois Dauphin, Pignan

-1 hectare of brown calcareous sandy soil: Charbonnière

White wines :

1,30 hectares of brown calcareous sandy soil : Roumiguières

Each soil brings its own characteristics and different aromas and structures.